Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am both nervous and excited by this adventure of a blog. I have been reading so many blogs for so many years that I am thrilled to join the 'club.' I am also nervous as I cannot hope to compare to my favorite writers. I have witnessed so many women's lives changed through blogging that I want to be a part of the magic. I have culled so much advice from the people (men AND women) I read about daily, that I hope to give a little back.

My husband and I are going through a pretty serious rough patch. We have known each other for 15 years, and been married for almost 12. We have four fantastic, if trying, children. I hope not to let my troubles affect them too much. I have never been impressed with spouses that threaten divorce at signs of trouble, but in my heart I have been debating whether this is the right choice for us. I hope to use this blog to sort out my feelings, and even some facts. I don't want it to turn into a 'hateful' space.

I am wavering over how much detail to share, as I want to keep this blog private from my family and acquaintances. There are many identifying details in my situation, and until my husband and I decide which course of action to take, I don't want anyone getting advance notice. So, my degree of revealing information about my family will vary depending on my mood, I suppose. As I have researched my options, I have not been able to find a blog that details (with good reason) a wife or family going through the process. I hope to publish my process here, and hopefully someone will find it useful, and maybe I can get some advice from you all, too.

I never dreamed I would split up my family, and in the end, maybe it won't come to that. I hope I can work through the issues here and build a family that most benefits us all. Welcome to my life.....

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